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    I broke down and bought it

    I have bought a 3.0c 800fsb at Newegg to put in my p4pe-x but as I understood it I had to have pc3200 ram to make it work 800 fsb on the p4pe-x. I did not want to buy a pc3200 ram till I got the p4c800-e deluxe MB because later on I want to find the 3.0C's O/C limit. So I went back to Newegg and ordered the p4c800-e dlx. Now I will have to use my Corsair XMS pc2700 ( money issue ) till I can afford some better ram.
    The question is:
    With the 3.0C + p4c800-e dlx MB + Corsair XMS pc2700, how much if any O/C results could I expect with a lower cpu/ram divider? For instance 5:4.
    I have had the Corsair XMS ram to 191mhz (3:4) at 2.5,3,3,7 prime error free. It may even go higher.
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    if u had money issue, get another ram.. like mine, its Geil Golden Dragon, 1GB dual chan pc3500 @ $210 only at newegg...

    edit: ops sorry, didnt know they had a price increase its $258 now...

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