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    Need Your Professional Opinion...

    Hi. I just installed a MCX478-V heatsink with the correct amount of thermal paste (Artic Silver 5), and a 92MM tornado.

    The side panel is off and I have no other fans in my computer. My CPU temp is 35-37 idle. I have not checked loaded temp.

    So, my question is, without any other fans in the case, is this a bad temperature? Is the temp too high? I mean, I have a 92mm Tornado on it going full blast.

    See, if it is too high I will have to unhook everything to make sure the heatsink is on correctly. I believe it is, and I believe I have the right amount of thermal paste, but I want to make sure beforehand.

    So, is 35-37 too high? Thanks for the help!

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    It really depends on what motherboard you are using.
    Is it the cpu you have in sig?

    For the most motherboards 35-37 is NOT to high. In most cases a tornado @ full speed mostly help you with your deltatemps (difference between the lowest and the highest reading). Not so much only lowering your "lowest" temp.

    In my opinion I would buy a fancontroler or something to manage the voltage of that tornado if yours. I doubt you benefit much from running it @ full speed, compared to 7v. If it only differs a few degrees I'd choose that over those 50+db.

    Just some toughts and experience.

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    That sounds like a reasonable temperature...

    What is the ambient temp?

    What is the CPU? (Sorry, not particularly fluent with odd-named heatsinks.)

    How are your cables? Are they scattered or neatly taken care of?

    Is the case in a spot that is able to get abundant fresh cool air (if any?)?.

    Touch the heatsink (and try not to touch the fan, severed fingers are BAD for computers... And you!) is it warm or very hot to the touch?

    These should be taken into view, let us know and reply back

    P.S.: Also, are the readings from MBM5/Bios?

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    yeah i have to agree those are actually pretty good temps,
    1 question, well actually 2, first what knid of case temps are you getting, and second what mobo are you running?

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    p4p800e-dlx asus. my case temp is 32 degrees celsius. That is also my room temp.

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    i have the same hsf but i got a delta 120 mounted on it. ur getting better temps than i am. 37c is not bad considering that ur casse temp is 32c. having a 5c difference between cpu and ambient is niice.
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    ur room temp is the most important if not second factor in any air setup

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