Here is my problem in detail (story ahead):

Went away for the weekend, but kept my computer on. Came back last night, moved the mouse, the monitor comes on from standby, everything seems fine. I have a couple messages on trillian, so I talk to a few buddies, no problems.. I try to load Total Commander, welcome screen shows up and just hangs there for a long time, also, my PC Monitor software won't load.. It does finally load after about 1 minute (takes 1 second usually), the welcome screen for Total Commander is still there.. CTRL/ALT/DEL is next, task manager works fine, I stop the commander from loading, no problems there. So I figure, ok, just needs a restart.. I turn the computer off.. 10 mins later, I turn it on, and bios will not recognize my primary IDE master and slave. It does recognize the secondary master and slave as well as all devices on my ultra133 promise card. I rip the computer apart and replace the cord etc, not really doing much except fiddling around, and turn it back on. This time the BIOS recognizes the primary master and slave, but it is saying my primary master, which is my XP drive, and is a Quantum with a code ST to start.. and it is a 36GB drive.. Now to make matters worse, BIOS thinks this is a 40 gig maxtor!! I cannot make bios think otherwise. When it tries to boot, it gets to the welcome screen of XP but then just hangs with the HD light flashing steady with no progress otherwise. I disconnected everything and only left this one HD connected, and still it is recognizing it wrong, I reset bios, removed battery, still same problem. I also tried to connect it to the secondary IDE, as well as my ultra133 card, and they all recognize the drive as a drive that it is clearly not. I am wondering what I can do before I have to take the motherboard itself out to remove the HD itself, cuz that is a lot of work (acrylic cases are a ***** for HD removal/installation).. Anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanx in advance.