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    Slot-Athlon 750 to 1 Ghz ????

    Well.... I bought an Athlon OC-Card an got an GlobalWin VOS32.
    Now my questions:
    coult i get my Athlon 750 to 1 Ghz and,
    should i raise the cpu-core?


    Image of cooler:

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    I HIGHLY doubt that you'll get it to 1Ghz. But you can certainly try. Go for it. Be the best overclocker you can be!

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    A slot a 750 to 1 gig, no change my freind. You can try but its all in the draw of the chip. Let me know if you get it there.

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    i am running my slot-a 750 t-bird at 1000 as i am writing this.
    using the gfd and it is at 1.85v.

    air cooling.
    my 700 athlon will run 950 but is very hot, and wants like 1.95 volts to do it. i say go for it and watch the temps closely.

    cant change my damn sig yet.

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    I have a 900 slot A t-bird at 1000mhz stable as a rock

    if yours is a 750 classic you need to divide the cache to get higher overclocks through a program that is out.

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