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    Question GPU and chipset blocks

    Is GPU blocks still required even if I'm NOT going to overclock my 9800XT? And should I get a chipset block?

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    One of the most important thig to remember is that your setup is totaly up to you, no matter what other people may suggest (myself included).

    Secondly if you do not intend to OC your video card the only other reason to WC the thing is to get rid of the noise from the fan. If you can live with the fan noise and are not trying to push 10000000000000pfs then i do not see a need to WC the video card.

    Most people will tell you that WCing the north bridge is overkill/unessisary. Do a search on the topic there are allot of opinions floating around about this.

    Hope it helps.

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    are you going to overclock the cpu? if so, northbridge might have a use.

    I wouldnt bother with the GPU, thats a very small silent fan. Id just leave it alone unless you find the temps it gets are too high for your liking.

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    IF your not going to over clock your GPU the only reson for putting a WB on it would be to make it moew quiet or for looks, but if you dont have good airflow it might help to w/c it. As far as chipset cooling goes its abou 50/50 some people say it does wunders some say its worthless i would suggest not cooling your chipset and gpu but in the future you may want too.

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    I would say that if you are not going to OC your gpu, just leave it as the stock fan is very quiet. NB cooling is really up to you as said earlier. If you OC your cpu and hit a wall and then later truly feel that NB cooling is necessary go for it. Otherwise, i'd stay away from it.

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