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    How do you flash the bios? 9800xt

    Hello folks

    Im a bit of a newbie here and would like to flash the bios on my radeon 9800xt.

    Reason is I got this card included in a dell system (I know dont hit me was in a pinch) Anyway this is a built by ATI card. Only thing is Dell flashed it with their own bios which disables the overdrive feature.

    So how do I go about flashing the bios?

    And which bios should I use? I coudnt find any bios downloads on ATIs site.

    Im currently useing the latest omega drivers thoe.

    ty kindly in advance for any help on this issue.

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    i think but i am not sure that the omega drivers has an option of flashing the card

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    1) Download an XT BIOS
    2) Rename the BIOS file to a filename that has 8 or less characters before the "."
    2) Get FlashROM (google for it)
    3) Make a bootable floppy disk and put the BIOS and FlashROM on it
    4) reboot with the disk in
    5) type "flashrom -s 0 bbackup.bin" to backup your BIOS incase anything goes wrong with the new one
    6) type "flashrom -p 0 [bios file]" to flash your card
    7) Remove the disk and press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot

    If everything goes right you should have a fully-functional XT. If things don't you'll need to get a PCI video card to reflash the 9800 (be sure to change the 0 to a 1 in the above commands to avoid flashing the PCI card).

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