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    Building a Rig 4 a friend

    Hi! One of my friends wants me to build him a rig and this is what I've put together so far:
    ASPIRE Turbo Case X-Dreamer Black Mid-Tower Case with 350W Power
    2400 mobile
    9800 pro
    Mushkin 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200
    Western Digital Special Edition 80GB Hard Drive
    ASUS Black 52X QuieTrack Technology CD-ROM Drive
    ZALMAN CNPS7000A-AlCu Aluminum + Copper CPU Cooler


    How does this look? Will the zalman have enough clearance to fit on the mobo? Thanks!

    -Nico Ritschel
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    not sure abotu the zalman.

    i would reccomend swapping that cd-rom for a cd-rw.and if he's a gamer i'd bump that 512mb of ram up to 1gb so that a bit down the line he won't need to upgrade. other then that it looks like a good system.

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    What heatsink should I look at? He doesn't want to spend over $45 on a heatsink. He's on a tight budget, so the 1 gig of ram might not work. Also, his dad has a cd-rw in his laptop, so if my friend wants to burn cds, he can use his dad's laptop.

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    The zalman looks ok, I gues it will fit... not 100% sure about that tho.
    I think you should get him a DVD-R instead of a CD-R. Not a lot more expensive but does a lot more work.
    If he's a gamer, you might want to add another 512MB of RAM. It looks fine otherwise.
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    What HS should I consider buying for him? Thanks!

    -Nico Ritschel

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    The Zalman support matrix for the socket 462 MBs is here:

    The DFI NFII INFINITY is not listed with clearance problems on the MB, so that will work fine as far as the board goes. However, looking at the MB, I'd suspect from the placement of the CPU socket, that you will have clearance problems with the PS if it's mounted directly above the MB.

    As far as what sink to get, given the clearance problems on the board, I'd prefer a Thermalright SLK-900A. The fins face the correct direction to clear the PS and even if expensive, it works well.
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    What will he be using the computer for

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    My Two Cents

    I have to agree with Xaotic the Slk-900A will fit in the budget and provide a very strong air cooling solution.This is verfided by the heatsink review found on Overclockers front page.
    For gamming sometime another 512meg of Ram would be very nice but perhaps not necessary right now.

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    He is going to be gaming. I know it would be much better if I could get another 512 stick of ram, but that doesn't fit in his budget. Thanks!

    -Nico Ritschel

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