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    How do I take out arctic alumina??

    I added a heatsink fan to my radeon 9100 and I think I F'ed up cause now I keep getting VPU recover messages. I'm going to start all over, but I need to know how do I get that arctic alumina off. I now its really hard but I heard if you put your card in a freezer the stuff should unstick. If that happens is it also safe to sand off all that alumina with a Dremel tool??

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    Artic Alumina? The thermal goop or the epoxy? If it's the epoxy you can forget it. Once that stuff dries and hardens there's noway of getting it off short of ripping the piece off and killing the card.

    I hate to say it, but if it is the epoxy stuff, your S.O.L.

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    Damn it is the epoxy. So the fridge theory is not true??

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