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    Where To Get White LED's for Cheap??

    Any 1 Know where to get 5mm white LED's (just the led) for less then a dollar each?

    i know frozencpu has them loose for 1.50 each. but that adds up when you need 15+ of them. I'm going to do my entire computer in white led's

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    Ebay. Cwithk sells a brickton of LED's for cheap...I got 100 Amber LED's for $13, including the shipping and 100 resistors so I can run them off of a 12v rail.

    You can get 100 Superbrights for 23 bucks, or megabrights for $13.

    You could also read the OCForums LED sticky here.

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    did you check ebay?

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    sorry, i didnt. thanks tabrin! im going to order 50super whites. yay! cheap and pritty.

    Now where can i find super cheap molex to 2pins? (no res. built in)
    i need about 10

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