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    Where should i put the wc parts of rig for optimal performance..

    Also, i wanna know how to fill/ refill without killing my system....

    First, placement, Radiator goes on top of case...Inside......Maybe hide it with some lights in the area to glare peopel looking for it (BLIND EM), pump at bottom front.... Res in one of the 5 1/4 bays,
    tubing all over, etc, etc? Would that work well? What should the configuration be? Would it be Pump> res> Red> cpu>gpu>mb
    or some other way? Would blue be a nice color to have my whole inside of the case, lights water, etc....
    I might paint my cases's in side a nice dark red/ lighter orange in a mix for a nice look, with green letters in chinese spelling (ULTIMATE MACHINE) somthing like that(get the sun_tzu) flowing....

    I saw a rigg where a guy aded 3 fans to each side of teh radiator, should they suck or blow from the radiator? Should I add fans to cool my raptors? What fans are good but quiet?

    How do i fill/bleed, after i set up right, stick my water in the res and make the pump go and suck it, let it go through some of teh hoses, would t spray when it gets back to the res?

    Just making sure i got this all down....Before i do it, dont wanna wait till i just get my system......Be safe, not sorry....
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    i KNOW this isnt what you want to hear, but most all the questions youve asked are already answered here somewhere. i understand it can be frustrating to try to find them (even with the search) but...

    take a little (more) time reading up (stickies are a great place to start) come up with a few answers to those questions and we'll let you know if your on the right track...

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    for the best performance of your rad it should have the fluid flow in from the lowest possible point and exit the highest point to help self bleed.

    so you might end up using a core and mounting it on its side if its a 2 pass.

    like said before most of what you want can be found in the stikkies or other threads
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