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    Got my Pannies and have a ?

    Got my new Panaflo L12a's in today wee! got 4 of them off ebay for 19.87! i like to think less than 5 bucks a fan is a decent deal but anyway

    they came with thier i assume standard 2 pin connectors my mobo has all 3 pin connectors. im wanting to strip one of my old 80mm's 3 pin and switch it out with the 3 pin.

    Panaflo wire has a blue and a red wire, while the 3 pin connector has a red yellow and black....which combo do i splice together

    red/red blue/yellow?

    red/red blue/black?

    do i need the ground to succesfully do this?

    thanks in advance


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    red/red blue/black
    the yellow on ur motherboard connector is for RPM.

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    OK thanks Korn, got it to work

    i pulled the 2 pin and 3 pin off and replugged the 2 wires into the 3 pin till i got it right

    then i started a little mod

    1. attached a piece of double sided tape to the side of a panaflo

    2. pulled off backing protecting sticky stuff

    3. aligned fan to blow across video card

    4. stuck sticky side up onto my PSU!

    who needs uber side intakes and crafty little VGA coolers when you have a roll of double sided tape and a ghetto personality

    and i have my polycarb case exterior shell all assembled!

    now to mount that pesky mobo and that drive cage idea thats been brewing in my head

    hope to have pics soon!

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