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    What's happening ?

    Recently "early this morning (1-5:30AM) & this morning (6-10AM)" My computer has been restarting on it's own for some reason.

    I've scanned/looked for the following:

    • Adaware/Spyware & the like
    • Viruses & the like
    • CPU/VPU temp instabilitys
    • Lower PSU rails

    That's about what I looked for, it done it early this morning just after I went to bed I guess, I was rending something in Maya 6.0 Unlimited, it was a very high-res scene so I let it render as I was sleeping. When I woke up this morning at 5:30AM, I noticed that I was at the log in screen on my OS "WinXP Home... I know... I know..."

    So logged in, connected to the internet, opened up MSN and talked to someone for 5mins, then I went back to bed, meanwhile it's still on the internet and on MSN "I leave it on 24/7 usually" I never have stability problems with this computers it's been on for weeks with no problems untill today.

    The only new thing I have installed it Maya, andthats straight from the install disc and since I have had the other versions installed before I assume it isn't the problem.

    Anyone wanna take a guess at what the problem is ? Or do OS'es just give out sometimes.

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    perhaps another component failing? 256mb of ram to render a high quality image, I'm no expert but is that enough? Could you have run out of memeory and that caused the system to restart?

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    The usual suspects for random reboots are frequently memory, heat, or the PSU. It could be that your RAM is either not enough, or is just inadequate for what you are doing. Try DL'ing one of the RAM testers here; to see if the RAM is at fault.

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    yeah all my stuff was good i found it, but it hasnt been back since, you know... how it is when you just install windows xp, then you get the rpc error or w.e its called, then it give you t - 60 seconds till it shuts down, it was like that, but not rpc, it was something that had to do with lass.exe, ill probably just go ahead a format this anyway. but i did render what i wanted to, it only took like 5mins, it was nothing huge though, just some freehand stuff haha. it looks amazing

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    isn't that a virus? i think they called it "gone in 60 seconds" whe it happen try to reverse the clock on windows and see what happens, cause the virus relies on the windows clock to work.

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