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    Arrow cant get water from t-line

    when i first hooked up my setup i bought a t-line to get the water into the system. I hooked it up to the right place and it wouldnt suck any water threw it from the bucket. Is there a trick to get the water in it?

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    I have never tried it with a bucket, but here are my thoughts.

    1. Is the bucket higher than the system being filled? I am not sure you will be able to get the t-line primed well enough to pull water up out of a bucket placed lower than the system.

    2. Do you have the loop closed except for the T? I don't think this method will work if the only opening in the loop is the t-line.

    I just filled my t-line system by pouring water down the T till it would take no more. Then I cap the T and move the system around to distribute the water in the loop. When there is more room in the T, I add more water. Once the water has moved further into the loop, especially into the pump's intake, you can use the pump to kick the water farther into the system by cycyling it on and off real quick, then add more water.

    The bucket would probably be faster if you can get it to work. It takes about an hour to fill and bleed the loop the way I do it.

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    YOu dont 'suck' water in through the t line with a bucket... you must FILL the t line with water with a funnel.
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    ya the pump cant suck water when its dry. It must have water in it in order to push the water through the system. Nikhsub1 has the right idea..

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    last time i just hooked up the pump underwater and avoided the hole t-line thing.I was just wondering for future reference, thanks guys

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