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    RAM Questions Galore

    For the record, I currently have one of these( but I'd like to upgrade. You understand.

    If I get dual PC-3200's for 1 Gig will that last me for 1 or 2 years, and will it be enough for a 64 bit processor? Also, should I get the same type or this OCZ ram I found with the same latencies (, or do you know better RAM?

    The other thing I'm wondering is, will prices go down enough from now until the end of July to justify buying the RAM then?

    Thanks for the help.

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    i would go with OCZ and yes 1GB should hold you over for quite awhile....some people will whine about certain games but the only reason why is basically more FPS...there is no real Performance pretty sure with 1GB everything will be smooth as butter...BUT on the other hand 2GB doesnt sound bad either...just a little on the expensive side
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