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    Cooling a prescot.

    hello guys

    i just finished building my new rig, after the previous was stolen

    here are the specs

    Prescot 3.0E
    SP-94+Delta 92x38 110cfm
    Abit ic7-max3 bios 16
    512x2 Geil ULCD DDR500
    Radeon 9600XT
    Antec AMG1080+
    TruePower 430
    2x120 WD SATA (raid(0)

    with the stock intel cooler the temps were

    idle: nb 31C / cpu 65C
    load: nb 32C / cpu 75C

    with the sp-94 the temps that i am getting are

    idle: nb 31C / cpu 52C
    load: nb 32C / cpu 65C

    ambiant is about 25C-27C
    this is at stock speed and stock core voltage, now the question is this
    is this prescot simply so hot and this temps are normal, or i shoudl expect something lower ?

    p.s i applied ac3 on the sink and the cpu.

    thanks in advance.

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    Whoa, those are definitely really high temps... I thought processors like that weren't supposed to go over like 55 C or something. I guess I heard wrong, since your computer ran fine.

    Did you try reseating the heatsink? It might not be making full contact with the processor.

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    yes, i did tryed to reaply the ac3, 3 times, with similar if not almost identical resaults.

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    Sorry to hear about your old rig. Try using some Artic Silver 5 Thermal paste. That should bring down you temperatures a little bit. How good of ventiliation do you have in your case?

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    That still seems really high... there must be something wrong. Anyone have any ideas? I don't know about this processor

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    man, feel sorry for ur stolen rig, damn that crook in Hell for Eternity.
    Do u mind sharing the story with us?

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    Prescotts run much hotter that Northwoods.
    I have been hearing that 70-72C is what you don't want to go over and is considered safe, may be even as high as 75C.

    Your temps after the sp-94 look ok. Not much room for OC'in. Like someone else said try some Artic Silver 5. Remember apply only a small amount- a drop about half the size of a BB and it will take some cycling on and off for the AS5 to be at its maximum thermal capability. Over 200 hours as stated on articslivers website.

    I am no expert but hope this helps.

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    ok, 1st 10x everyone for trying 2 help

    1. westline, the ventelation of the case is 4x80mm 35cfm i tryed 2 run with the door
    open and a house fan blowing inside the temps went down only 2C so i guess the
    ventelation is ok.
    2. kar , welp not much 2 tell, it was a sweet machine
    2500+ that ran 200x12 on 1.75 voltage
    abit nf7-s v2.0
    256x2 Geil ulcd ddr400
    2x40 maxtor raid (0)
    and the crown jewl Hydrocool 200 water cooler.
    the creeps just went into the house from the window, and cleand my computer
    room compleatly.

    i will try to use ac5, but its gona be a little tough 2 get it here in israel.

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    hey now i am realy confused

    i decided 2 make a test i just o/c the rig 2 3.3ghz 220fsb on default voltage and the temperature remained exactly the same

    idle 32 / 52
    load 33 / 65

    is this posible? or i probably have a faulty sensor and my poor prescot is at 80-85C ?

    however the system is stable, passed 10xSandra burn in test
    i gona run prime95, and c what happends.

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    I am running a 2.8E@3.5 1.43 volts, I have an MSI board and the temp is screwy, so I got a Hardcano 5 and installed the Temp probe on the back of the CPU, under a full load my cpu temps are 55*-56* on the HC5 probe, so if you figure a 5* diffrence between the front and the back of the CPU I am running some where in the 60*-61* area.

    One of the best things you can do is feed that HSF some cool outside air but cutting a blow hole right over the top of the HSF, if you cant get the blow hole right over the cpu , you can use some felx dryer vent tubing to slip over the fan on the HS and the fan in the side of the case, the standard dryer vent will fit an 80mm fan like a glove, but......... This venting has a metal wire running through it, you must make 100% sure that you cover ALL the exposed wire with tape or shrink wrap, one slip while the comp is on and ZAAAP!.

    Good luck with the modding =)

    I7 2600k@4.6 Ghz 1.34v
    Asus Sabertooth Z77
    Evo 212 Cooler
    2 x EVGA GTX 470 SLI
    2 x 4 G-Skill DDR3-2133
    Cooler Master 850W
    Crucial M4 64 Gig
    WD 640 AAKS
    320 gig

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    Pressy, have u forgotten the bug with the temps?
    The temps are OK for a pressy. I have managed to borrow one for 48 hours 3.2e (had to pay £30 for the pleasure but better than giving £200+ for a heater). Using the Zalman reserator I got idle temp of 45c and load at 52c at default speeds on abit ic7 max3. As the mobo temps are roughly 10c over what is actual, my new best a decent temp probe...and checked it. My old mobo asus p4p800 was under-reporting by 2 degree's. This abit people need to sort themselves out as 10c is f(uc)king alot.
    So I translate the temps to 35c and 42c. Room temp was at 18c constant. It sounds about right with a 3.0c at default speeds giving me average temps of 20c idle and load at 25c. Load was done by priming, temps taken after 2hours priming and running 3dmark03 in a loop-all test.
    Trust me, u have no idea how close I was to buying a pressy until I managed to borrow one..was gonna buy a 3.2e on a lucky I did'nt. Pressy is for mach 1/2 owners only in my opinion.
    I tried the reserator at room temp of 26c and the temp was like idle @ 55 never even tried to put at load as it was not my cpu. Reminds me, need to by more ac filters, i need to change them like every week.
    From all this testing...i manage to learn that the pressy is only decent when OCed as at standard speeds it just sucks big time. C version is good but I have a crap no 30 cap cpu so I have only managed to OC to 3.4 before it maxed out. I am trying to find like a 2 things. One a 30 cap c cpu, most likely a 3.2 and oh love a new case something like the one on the savrow website. Looks amazing but expensive for a case or might get a antec p160. My birthday is coming up in around 10 days and I have 4 older brothers who are well paid so maybe I should drop hints...1 case, 1 cpu, 1 510 psu and oh the oldest one earns more than enough...maybe strectch him to decent pair of shoes. Why is that all brothers buy clothes and rings, earrings and the like...never shoes? Come to think about it they always give a teddy bear as well, I have like a million of those, currently there only good for well erm nothing actually, adds colour to the room?
    My cleaner came around after 4 days to clean up (obviously) and she found most of the house fairly neat...which I am honest...until she got to my network room. Its usually messy but thats only on the was really messy with sata/idle cable all over the place and some really old pizza, 3 days is pushing fresh pizza right?
    Spilled some artic silver on floor, I swear it was never me, it was er someone else anyway...right.

    So back top this cpu thing. I was thinking can someone shoot the people who created the pressy? Oh and someone should castrate the people behind vapour cooling for making so damn expensive.

    Sorry for the long bored.
    980x, CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 x2 = 12GB RAM, Rampage III Extreme, Sapphire 5970 4GB, Enermax Rev85+ 1250w, 8x Pioneer Bluray writer, 24x Liteon DVD writer, OS: Crucial C300 256GB, Tier 1 storage: 2x Samsung F1 500GB, Tier 2 storage: 2x 1Tb Samsung F3, KillerNIC 2000 Pro - all housed in a windowed black TJ07 with 2x 92mm revoltec's, 3x 120mm sharkoon's at 700rpm, front HDD intake at 1200RPM. WCed by Aquaduct 720XT with Cuplex Kryos HF (all compression fittings) filled with black UV feser. Tier 3 storage: 2x Sonnet D800 with 8Tb RAID 5 connected to bespoke R304 controller with modified inifiniband controller. Accessed by Logitech diNovo Edge and Darklaser revolution mouse. Watched through Dell 3008WFP with sound via Creative HS1100.
    Notes: WCing is limited to 35% because I like a bit of silence. Seriously considering getting the optimus keyboard. OC pending.

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