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    Opinions on Modding FX5900

    I am thinking about modding the cooling on my BFG GeForce FX 5900 because it its kind noisey and I want less fluctuations in my temperatures. I am thinkin go either using an Intel Stock Pentium 4 fan and heatsink, a stock Athlon XP 3200+ heatsink and fan, or a Vantec CCK-7025. Which would be the best for the graphics card?

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    I dont know about the other's but isnt the Athlon heatsink the one with a copper core ? I'd think that would rock for cooling a 5900. Do you have a tap and die set to make threaded holes ? I'd like to see the finished product. Good luck with the mod.
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    I was going to bolt it onto the card, any more opinions?

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    i have a BFG fx5900, and removed the HSF to apply some AS5, but found that they use thermal adehesive, the pink gummy type. its alot easier to remove the gum by heating it up with a blow dryer first. i had to use AS silver adhesive to provide good contact with the core and HS again... but anyway the core is NOT flat so you might have lap it of use some thick adhesive to get good contact, but i guess bolting it tight would do too, and what are you going to do about ram cooling?

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    Alright thanks for the heads up. As for the ram heat sinks I will likeyly use copper staples or some of those expensive little things that are ram heatsinks

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