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    Monitor Turns itself auto turns off.

    My monitor flickers and randomly turns off. When I try and surf the internet or play a game, it randomly shuts off. Some times I am able to use it for 10 minutes with out it turning itself off, while other times in a few seconds of turn on it flickers and shuts off. Is this due to a dieing monitor?

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    how old is the monitor, and what barnd is it, also try setting your gfx oc back to stock, just to see what happens, you nver know

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    The monitor is an IBM, 2237 C71. The monitor is around 4 years old. The graphics card used with this monitor is a GeForce Ti 4200 on stock settings.

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    Anything else unusual the monitor does? Does the power LED stay on, flash, or go out when it turns itself off? Does whacking it lightly on the side bring it back on?

    This could be the result of a number of things failing, it's impossible to tell from here. Could be as simple as cold soldering joints, but it could easily be complicated enough it's not worth fixing. If the monitor is already 4 years old, I would just replace it myself. 17's aren't worth the expense most of the time.
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    My old NEC moniter (from.... '96) started to do that last march. I just got a new moniter, and put that one down the basement. I recently hooked it up to my server, and it works perfectly. The problem with mine was a loose pin in the power connector I think. Might wanna try to jiggle it around a little and see if anything happens.

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    you know it's funny, I have two samsung lcds side by side, on a 9800 pro overclocked. the left lcd (DVI) i play a game on while i'm doing stuff on the right lcd (vga). So lately in the middle of playing only my left lcd will just go off out of nowhere. The power button blinks like it's in sleep mode.
    The only think that gets it on again is rebooting the pc. At first I thought it was my overclock overheating or something, even though it's a modest overclock with good cooling. Now I suspect it could be the lcd dying, which I hadn't thought of....

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