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    What operating system is...?

    Ive got installed windows98SE and Im planning to update my system to windows2k. Is it a good choice? W2k is better than W98SE in games? What do you recommend me?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi toni33
    Win98se is the best way for gaming for me, but win2000 is more stable, supports more Ram but is less flexible, it's a professional OS.
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    Win2k is more flexible for games if you use fat instead of NTFS, but its stability is also firmly rooted in NTFS too. Sooooo you might wanna stay with 98.

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    I would go with 2000...there are some isues about running older games, but all the new ones will run fine...It definitly is a more stable system than 9.x and has qiute a few features that 9.x dosent have such as NTFS which makes better use of hard drive space...Incidently ive never notice any better game performance with FAT32 over NTFS,Ive always found NTFS is the way to go, unsell your dual booting

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