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    why is there shortages of stuff?

    this is ridiculous to me. how is it that bh5 chips are so rare and not made anymore, and the reason the ati x800xt is so hard to get because there is a shortage of memory chips.
    what is this stuff made of? some rare material only found in space?
    can someone please explain to me why ati and other companies who produce this stuff cant just make more.
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    No, Winbond stopped making BH-5 because they weren't making much money off it. They went to cellphones or some other crap.

    And, they aren't made out of anything, they just can't get chip yields up. They make tons of chips, just they won't all run at 600mhz or whatever the X800XT is.

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    What sandman001 said. BH-5 was very expensive to make, and futhermore, there was only a small market for it that made it not viable anymore for Winbond to produce.
    As for the X800XT, it will eventually start appearing in greater numbers, once ATi figures out how to get better yields (although I do find it interesting that quite a few people have managed to flash their cards to XT levels without having stability problems).

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    This should be in a computer related area, probably either memory or GCRD.
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