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    Upgraded from P2 to Cellery 2.2

    I think that I'm the only person here that has a Celeron.. lol

    I got a good deal on it with an Asus P4B266.

    It runs Windows stable at 133x22=2.9ghz. Although, last night I think that it restarted on its own, not sure though. Its kept at 100F-ish temps all the time, and is at 1.575v.

    Currently my RAM is limiting me from going to 3ghz or above.

    Prime95 didn't even last a minute though, and RAM is at stock.

    Think I should even try 1.6v? I'm so familiar with my P2 I dont know anything about this celeron.

    But dont worry guys, I'll get a better mobo with a REAL P4 soon.
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    I have a celeron 2.4@2.8 it is limmited by my PC2700 Ram that is Generic. The cpu temp is 32 C/89 F (air cooled). You have a huge jump in mhz that needs a higher voltage tweek, (you should do a full load test again with the 1.6v or higher). But getting higher rated ram will help if you decide to go higher. My CPU can get up to 3.0Ghz with the ram i have but works slower than at 2.8GHz.

    Hope it works out.

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    Your CPU will need (much) more voltage.

    Seen cellys hit 4Ghz+ on 1.9v
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    Run prime95 to see ifi ts stable. I usally run ti for about 5 hrs before overclocking the cpu or memory more.

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    The Northwood Cellies are like the Northwood P4s in that you can "safely" (give or take that expression) give them about 1.65v before they begin to either slowly wear out or flat-out die. Of course, they won't always do this; you just run a much greater risk of this happening.

    I had a 2.0 Cellie for a while that ran 2.8 all day and all night. Which reminds me... what did I do with that thing? I can't even remember if I sold it or what! Oh, well. It was a fine machine for some gaming (with my old Ti4200) and miscellaneous putzing around.
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    I built a rig for my bro-in-law with a Celly2.4 that instantly ran 3.2Ghz 133FSB, and is now not even topped out at 3.25Ghz 135FSB with 1.575Vcore. It's on my old Asus P4P800 board so I guess it's the only Celly with dual-channel RAM in these forums, lol! Still my kids' rig with a P4 1.7Ghz Willamette (256kB L2, 400FSB) and PC133 SDRAM (yeah baby!) is getting the same daily average SETI WU output...
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