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    I need that shutdown.bat that overrides programs!

    I lost it. Could someone repost it? I know how to make a bat file, I just need the specific string to put in it to shut down my puter AND OVERRIDE ANY programs in the background. An IMMEDIATE, and No screwing around shutdown.bat.


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    Just paste this:

    rundll.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 5

    the whole idea thing was created by dozier768.

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    yes.....dozier......that's who wrote this thing to start with. Thank you. Also......there was another post that explained what different #'s would do. the end of the string YOU posted it ends in 5.

    4 would make it do something different. 3 =different than 4...and so on.

    Do you have that list as well?

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    I appreciate the link.......I really do. Thank you. Both of you, and to dozier too.

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    so 0 is logoff
    1 is restart
    2 shutdown
    8 poweroff

    and 5 does what just forces everything to shutdown? used for sandra and whatnot when the fan dies or somethign like that.
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    wouldn't this also work fine??????????

    rundll32 krnl386.exe,exitkernel

    It just exits the windows kernel thus shutting down everything, am I right??
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    The problem with mine is that it does shut every thing down, but no power off. Tried to put poweroff (8), but than F@H doesn't shut down... is there a way to use both?

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