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Thread: Cpu Heatin' Up

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    Cpu Heatin' Up


    My CPU is cooking and turns the computor off. I have an MSI 865PE, 2.4 CPU, 550 watt power supply, 2 Gb of RAM, 128 mb video. The Core Center came up with the warning and then prompted me to turn of the computor.

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    Sounds like the heatsink isn't seated properly. Have you just built this PC or has this problem just came about recently?
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    had this problem recently and evryhting from my computor works in my wifes . Only things I haven't changed out is the Motherboard and PSU.Hvae had this same system along with hers for about six mths.

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    Buy and apply artic silver 5 on your cpu and reinstall your heatsink. If you have one of them crappy thermal pads remove it and use some high purity isopropyl alcohol to clean the rest of the pad off. I just did mine and "wow", a 8C drop in temps.
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