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    $50-$150 full tower case w/ minimal modding for WC'ing

    As my first post, I would just like to say thank you for the vast amount of knowledge available on this board. Second, I'd like to point out that I've read for days on this board, so I will try not to ask a duplicate question.

    After reading numerous case threads and the sticky, I'm still not much closer to selecting a case for my new WC'ed A64 rig. I'm pretty sure I need to get a full tower to fit everything in. I'll be using a BIX, BIX2, or similar. What case, within the $50-$150 price range, would offer the most flexability for a large radiator w/ minimal modding? (I do own a pair of tin "aircraft" snips, but no dremel). So far, the Dragon on the low end at $85 and the Cooler Master Stacker on the high end $165. Those purple plastic fan brackets on the dragon look like they suck and I'm not sure how wide the Stacker is. I read in one thread where there was a $10 off directron coupon, but I can't find it again to save my life.

    P.S. I live in Tennessee, so new egg charges tax here, so non-newegg sources please.

    Thanks guys! I can't wait till I get 100 posts so I can get access to the F/S forum.

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    I was also looking at the Antec P160 but not sure what all WC'ing equipment you could get in there. Maybe mount a BIX in the front?

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    Well if you want to keep modding to a minimum then the first thing you need to look for is cases with 120mm fans, at least in the front. One in the back or top will work fine too but instead of blowing cool room air on the radiator you will blow warmer case air on it. The difference would be a couple degrees which could mean some overclock in the long run. You could get along with using some of the 80mm radiators in a case but the cooling they give is nothing compared to a 120mm rad. Here is a link to a list of cases large and small that have 120mm fans in both front and back. Some will work for watercooling and some won't and some are very ugly but its a start. Be sure to post ones you are thinking of for input to save some time and money

    Don't be afraid to mod a case up. My best looking/working setups have been ones I made from modding the case to exactly what I wanted. If you mess up its no big deal, you can always replace it or do something to hide the messed up area. The only way to learn is to do it. I've drilled 92 and 120mm holes in spots where there was barely room for an 80mm. After removing some case insides you would be amazed at the room you find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clocker2
    Wow, that's almost exactly what I've been looking for, except I'd like a window, but I can always make that

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