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    IC7-G or AI7 for new system

    Hello! I'm going to build a new system with a 3.2 GHz (Northwood) CPU and 1GB (2x512) of Kingston ValueRAM Dual Channel 3200 RAM. I would like to overclock the CPU to 3.6+ speeds with stock cooling (may buy after market cooling if, necessary).

    1) Are these expectations reason?

    2) Which Abit board would be best ($30 price difference) - IC7-G or AI7? Why?

    3) Would you recommend different RAM or will the Kingston work?


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    Get the IC7-G , it has the 875 chipset which will give you a nice boost over the 865, even though the AI7 has a hacked PAT ( performance accell tech ) which makes it almost as good as the 875.

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    What about the extra vdimm the AI7 can run though? Actually, I'm pretty interested in this question myself purely due to that fact. I think most people would agree that the 875 chipset is a bit better- but the difference is fairly marginal.
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    Yeah, but the AI7 has a hacked PAT feature which makes almost as good as the 875.

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