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    need power connector to my floppy drive

    i just got my new power supply (pcp & p 510dlx) today, and ofcoursei happily installed it right away. one problem i have on my hands now is that the power supply only has one of the smaller connectors to go to a floppy drive. sorry, i dont know the name of the little guy. the thing is, that i need one to power my 9700pro as well. ive never taken apart connectors on a power supply before, but i assume i can just replace a regular molex with a smaller one. any info on where i can get an adaptor or a smaller connector, and how to switch it?

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    You should be able to find a 4pin molex connector that will give you another floppy connector much like this one from directron.

    floppy drive y connector

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    You could just remove your floppy. They are almost usless now. Then later add a USB header where the floppy is now and nab a $10~20 pen drive MB for MB the cheaper and safer solution.

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    my sister just got this one, its pretty awesome

    or if you don't like purple get this one
    (or the 256MB version is blue I think)

    floppy drives should have been outdated and stopped from being used 2 years ago at least
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    Unless you are using SATA, then I see no reason for a floppy. Just make sure you have an older pc with one in it, in case of an emergency.

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