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    I wasn't going to do it but I just couldn't help myself.

    This disease called Overclocking needs a cure. I had my BBA 9800Pro up and die on me on Sunday. I had been getting the "power cord not connected" error for a bit but this time it wouldn't come back after a reboot. Finally did come back but with a scrambled screen, artifacts, etc. It was only 6 months old but with the added ramsinks and VGA Silencer, no RMA for this baby. I made a decision that I would go with another 9800Pro since there is no way I am going to downgrade and I don't think whats available going up is worth the $$$ difference as of yet, especially since I do less and less gaming all the time. And a 9800Pro is still no doorstop of a card, yet. Anyway, I decided to go with the MSI card since the stock cooling on this card is way beyond any other stock I could find. And since ZipZoomFly also had them for 199.99, why not. This card, I told myself was going in the machine STOCK. I will ot do ANYTHING other then oput it in the slot. Got the card today. It sat on my desk calling to me. "Do I have an R360?" "What kind of ram do I have?" I kept telling myself, it does not matter. But it kept calling. I looked at the card but there is no way to see the chips. Even the ram has active cooling. I ket saying it doesn't matter. But it kept calling,,,,,and calling,,,,,and calling. Finally this sickness could not be denied. Off came the retaining clip! Off came the retaining pins! Slowly pulled the plates away. Since the card had not been used, the thermal tape had not adhered to the ram and the goop on the gpu is still gooey. And my couriosity has been satisfied. R360 with Hynix 2.8 ram. Now is all back together and maybe I can get some work done.

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    what did you do with you old 9800?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pntgrd
    Got the card today. It sat on my desk calling to me. "Do I have an R360?" "What kind of ram do I have?"

    LOL I hate when they start talking to you like that.


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    Just out of curiosity, how high did you have the core and memory overclocked before it died?
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    Just out of curiosity, how high did you have the core and memory overclocked before it died?
    I am not much into o/c on the vid card. I think the highest I ever had it just to find out was 430/375. I ran a nice conservative 410/700 most of the time. I haven't found a need for everyday Extreme O/C on a vid card.

    what did you do with you old 9800?
    It is sitting on my desk, haven't done anything as of yet.

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    I will report this, the MSI card does not like a 74mhz AGP speed. I have always run my system locked at 37/74. Never a problem with any other card. I put in the MSI and whenevr it kicked into 3D, CRASH!. I figured I disturbed the thermal compound, so took it apart and re-applied AS Ceramique. Put it back together but no help. Took it back apart to see if my VGA Silencer would fit, but no go, the fan plugs are different. Put it all back together with AS3 this time. Still crashed in 3D. Dumped all Omegas and installed newest versions. Still crashed. Finally thought about the AGP speed and locked things at 33/66 and things settled down. Weird, I never though 37/74 was extreme.
    Another thing I find strange is that the Omegas identify the card as a 9800XT but he clock speeds are 9800Pro. I take it that the id comes from the R360 chip and not the bios, but the default clock speeds come from the bios.

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