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    Are these logical things to wait/save for?

    Like many others i am debating when and how to upgrade to the athlon 64's and pci-e motherboards. My biggest concern is gaming, and overclockability.

    The things i was currently waiting to settle before buying are:
    -Solid, highly overclockable motherboards
    -Athlon Fx processor for <500$
    -ddr2 (seems too far off now).
    -Pci-e x16 video cards with VERY noticable performance gains over agp cards.
    -Has to be socket 939.

    By following these guidelines i am planning on upgrading to the next level, and minimizing price while totally upgrading almost all parts of the pc.

    -With the new 939 sockets, increasing the memory capabilities of the Athon 64's, what is the big draw to the Fx's? I realize they are unlocked or whatever, and that is a big deal for my Overclocking, but will the price difference be worth the performance?

    -What will the prices be like on athlon fx's and 64's by late 2004. In particular the Fx-53 939 1mb cache. (estimates for prices appreciated)

    withOUT the gfx card i was hoping to build a system with 1gb ddr400 ram(corsair or hyper x), athlon fx-53 939, and whatever motherboard is the best for o/c'ing, for under 800$. I wonder if this will even be possible by Late late 2004.

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    I don't know. But I want to know the same thing. One question for you though. So the AMD64 is locked but the FX's are not?

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    No one can guess how much the fx-53's will be by say, Christmas?

    I can't estimate well and haven't been around as long as most ppl, but if someone more experienced could give me an idea how much they might drop when...
    -6 months from now...
    -athlon fx-55 will be out.

    It seems like i really need to have an fx cpu for this rig and the only real option seems to be the fx-53

    and yes... i understand that the fx's are unlocked and the 64's are locked. (multi's)

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