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Thread: really worried

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    really worried

    OK well this is the first time i have built my own computer... eveyrthing is running great.

    But the alarm on the MB keeps going off cause of the temps inside.

    Ambient case temp 86.0 f

    PWM 67.0 c
    cpu 61.0

    this is while encoding a dvd.
    The case is a Aspire X-dreamer, turbo.

    6 - 80mm
    small fan on the NB

    Room temp? about 83ish?

    Im just worried that im going to damage something with those high temps.

    Cpu is a 3.0e, NO overclocking thus far. AS5 is on the NB, and p4.

    Everything but the ambient case temp came from the Abit U-Guru Utility, that measures temps.

    Think i should be worried? it has been really hot lately, im gonna snip the stock fan grills and stuff tomorrow, to open her up a bit.

    i will let you know what the temps are tomorrow.

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    the prescotts are expected to be hot, and the abit temp sensors are known to be ~10 deg higher than what it actually is

    i wouldn't really be worried, but if i were o/cing i'd get a new hsf

    oh, and welcome to the forums!
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    sorry im really new to building my own machine, old one was a gateway. what is a HSF?

    Also... im gonna make some kind of ducting for the 2 front intake fans, cause the holes in the front do not coincide with the location of the fans, that should help, also the covers over the stock fan ports on the back are mediocre at best, im gonna dremel those off tomorrow,a nd use some stocker grills that came with the fans.

    Im hoping that some of this will help, at least my peace of mind.

    Also... is there a fan just for the pwm??? not sure what the is but ok.

    thanks for the quick response...

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    what is a HSF?
    It's a heat sink with a fan on it...HSF.. Active HS.
    Passive HS: no fan

    Also... is there a fan just for the pwm??? not sure what the is but ok.
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    Your temps aren't bad considering the ambient temps for the room. I also have a 3.0e and it runs around 46-48c idle and into the high 50's low 60's under load. Running Prime95 for a extended period of time will eventually drive it into the mid 60's. My room temps are generally around 80F also.

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    But the alarm on the MB keeps going off cause of the temps inside.
    Have you gone into BIOS yet to see what the temp alarm is set at? The temp might be set too low( 61C would be a warning temp for Northwoods) and all you'd need to do is to change the temp for the alarm. Your temps aren't that bad for stock cooling, so you're not going to ruin anything with those temps. Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums

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    cool. thanks for helping out a newbie.

    pics posted soon.

    this morning, ambient case temp: 79f

    internal cpu temp, no load... 114f
    PWM... 102f

    So a huge difference when not under load, i was playing city of heroes, and burning a dvd... lol i saw as high as 165f i decided to shut down and let the as5 cool down. much cooler this morning.

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    Now 165F is getting a little too hot (that's 74C) and it's getting close to the temperature limit for your chip if I can remember the specs right. You might want to make sure that your HS is mounted correctly and that you put the right amount of AS5 in there. Here's the instructions for putting AS5 on the HS LINK

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    hopefully he used some kind of thermal grease considering he wasn't familiar with heat sink/fan combo's
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    AS5 is on the NB, and p4.
    I'd assume that he used some.
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    yeah i followed the instructions on the site... put a small dab in the center of the chips heat spreader. on the NB i put a really thin, evenly spread layer on that chip.

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