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    VGA -> TV signal

    Hi, I've got a question concerning hooking up a TV on a gfx card without a TV-out.
    I already have an old TV in my room, the only use it used to be was playstation.
    The old VCR on wich I hooked up the PS still has perfect circuitry but eats every tape you insert... I was thinking, if there isn't anymore use for this TV, I'm moving it out of my room. All that dust and space for something I only use once in a blue moon.

    The old family PC has been replaced by a new one, and the old one is now 100% mine. Its a P3 500 (already OC'ed to 667MHz) with some overall outdated stuff and a voodoo3 2000.
    I plan on hooking it up on my TV since I don't have a monitor to spare and then there's finally more use for the old TV.
    Problem, the voodoo3 only has a VGA output, and not a TV-out.

    How much would a VGA->TV converter cable cost me?
    Does it even exist (it probably does, I mean, if newer gfx cards can have both a vga and tv-out, the signal must be decodable and re-encodable in the tv format).

    Thanks in advance.

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    well, keep in mind that a tv's resolution sucks unless its a high quality hdtv television. If its an interlaced tv, good luck on reading text. It'll look all jittery. Its hard to read any text even when using tv-out. Even a vga->tv adapter won't help very much.

    But there are vga->tv adapters out there, i used to have one and it wasn't that great. I'd just keep the money and save for a monitor.
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    Even if my chair is in the complete other side of the room?
    I find it difficult to believe that text is hard to read on a TV if my easy chair (actually, its a sofa ) is 3M away from the screen...

    Anyway, how would my gaming be?
    I don't really plan that much on "reading" on the TV. More like playing older games at TV quality, watching some movie's and listening music (the TV is hooked up on my nice stereo system).

    Would you say it would be cheaper to find a second hand Geforce2 or similar with TV-out?
    I've got the monster PC somewhere else, this is a budget PC/gadget/overclocking workshop...

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