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    Any Gainward 6800GT Owners Out There ?

    just ordered one, cant really find much about them, besides they use 1.6ns memory and the pic's i found where so tiny. LOL, its on a red PCB with dual fans. thats all i can make out. so if any of you got one post some pic's and oc's please ...
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    Well I have one but have flashed it bad and I need original Gainward BIOS so I would like to ask you if you can dump yours when you get your card and than send it to me?

    On topic my card did 420/1170 stock cooling and 61.76 drivers. Memory would go higher but would start with minor artifacting after long looping of 3dMark03. ( heat related I guess ) Stock store with my 2.6@3.17 was some 10971 and o/c to 420/1170 125xx something.
    This is on WinXP sp1 and DX9.0b
    PSU is Antec 480W

    Hope this helped.
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