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    Strange Memory Error when playing CS

    Error: "The instruction at [XXXX] referenced memory at [XXXX]. The memory could not be read."

    That is the error I keep getting after about 2 minutes of playing Counter-Strike through steam. CS then quits automatically. I never got this error before and I have not changed anything on my computer. Anyone seen anything like this before? I primed my computer for about 8 hours with no errors so I should be stable. I want to test the memory and I know everyone likes to use memtest86, but what version do you use and how do I use it to test my memory. Sorry for being such a noob.

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    a few others are having this issue. See this post on the Steam forums:

    I did not read through the 380 odd posts to find a solution however.

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    Those kind of errors are usually software errors. Blue screens will mean it's hardware.
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    Thanks for the help guys. According to the steam forum, this problem is happining to lots of people. I went to my friends house and updated his steam and the same thing happened to him. So I am assuming that Steam is messed up and they need to fix that crap ASAP!!!!

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    Yeah, it happened in all of our scrims yesterday. Stupid bug needs to be fixed ASAP

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    same here. Its the update... we get to have fun until they fix it....

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    I also get this i just thought it was thanks to my 256 stick of dell ram

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    I have had this problem as well, although not in CS.

    It has only ever happened to me on one specific map in Warcraft III - weird, eh?

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