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    PC crashes when trying to play any game

    I have installed a few game demos from gamespot (call of duty, panzers, etc). I have got them to play, but all of them eventually crash. The screen turns into a rainbox of vertical lines and you can hear the music, but the PC won't respond (not even to alt-f4 or ctrl-alt-del). I have to manually restart. I have installed the newest drivers from ati.

    I have an ati AIW 8500DV
    AMD athlon XP 1900
    Windows XP SP1

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    Check your system temperature in the BIOS under PC health. Remove and reinstall your video card. Got all the latest updated form microsoft? (all one million)
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    I had that happen once. Turns out it was a bad Driver installation. I had tried to upgrade to the latest Omegas but it borked my setup. Reinstalled them and i was fine.

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    thanks, I'll check the driver and temps out again.

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    can ur system handle that kind of game?

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    I think the system should handle the games fine. Possible problems to check out:

    • RAM. Run memtest86 from and see if the RAM is bad.
    • Heat. What are your CPU temps under load?
    • PSU. What are the rails like? Particularly the 5v?
    • Video. Latest drivers you say? Is the card adequately cooled? Any chance of running 3dmark and seeing if the same problem occurs? Might be a problem with the card itself.
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    I'd say definitely check out your video card. I had the exact same problem last year, and when I looked at my video card several of the caps had bulged and were leaking.
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