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    Looking for the Best Picture Hosting Service

    I'd like to know what people use for their picture hosting service, why they use it and why they think its better then other picture hosting services. I appreciate any responses, the more detailed the better .

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    I use because it's free and allows a lot of bandwith. Plus I can link directly to the images in my photo album.

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    Im with pcgirl. Photobucket is great. I use it for stuff I put on the forums or pics I link to my friends. Its free and gives you all you need. Also, if a file is too big they resize it to 250K.
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    I love photobucket. They give you tons and tons of bandwidth. All the pics that I put on my account I have sized to either 640x480 or 800x600, and I always tune the jpeg quality so that most of my pics are about 150k, and I have over 200 pics on there now.

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    I know im digging up an old thread but has anyone had any upload-time issues with photobucket? Really small filesizes too, 7kb runs forever.

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