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    3D Mark03 scores fluctuating?

    Hey guys I flashed my BIOS on my BFG GeForceFX 5900XT OC to a BFG GeForceFX 5950 Ultra. My 3DMarks were ~5200- 5400 with the flasf and the card running at 475/800 ( damn 2.8ns ram chips ) But when I flashed it back to the original BIOS, my 3DMark scores went up to 5996 3DMarks! The card consistantly scored higher with the default BIOS, and clocked at only 475/750... Is it just me or is that kinda strange? Anyone have any clues as to why the card scores better and performs better on a "lesser" BIOS" ?

    *edit* heres a link for my 3DMark03 results Link
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