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Thread: Thoughs on ram

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    Thoughs on ram

    Im trying to decide what ram im going to get . Im looking @ a few
    If you have or have your own fav ram post it so i can review it. I want to try and get the max out of my system .
    orderd a Sp-97 today =)
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    OczPC3500 DDR 1GB OCZ4331024PFDC-K OCZ DUAL CHANNEL 433MHz (like 40$ cheeper than others )
    4670k @ 4.8ghz 1.45v
    Asus 950gtx 2gig + 225 GPU + 400 Mem
    Gigabyte z97x-ud3h-bk
    Hyper X 16gig 1600mhz
    Samsung 850 evo 500 gig
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    Since nobody has seen fit to help you:

    I like HyperX by Kingston; I've never had a problem with it. (Own a gig of it, PC-3000, works great at rated speed). That said, any of those memory brands should serve you fine.
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    I would post in the memory section will probably get a better response in there.

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