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    Advice needed for 480w thermatake rails

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm ok with the psu

    480w thermatake w0011

    2500+moblie oc 200x12 1.75v
    9200se (POS) x800xt on backorder
    2-512 ocz 3200 sticks
    2-80mm tornados
    1-92mm tornado on slk-900a HS
    3-80mm cheap case fans
    usb- mouse/joystick/keyboard
    1-80g hd
    1-pci netcard
    1-pci tv tuner card
    1-dvd burner
    1-fan controler for case fans

    +3.3 at 3.4v
    +5 at 5.1v
    +12 runs at 11.8-11.92 (is this ok?)

    I'm getting occasional BSOD (stop 0x0000050 errors)

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of the BSOD problem

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    Here is my Rails from MBM5 with 560 w0023
    +3.3 at 3.4v
    +5 at 5.3v
    +12 runs at 11.8-11.92, that is the same as mine .

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    Tagan TG480-U01 480W

    +12V 12.096

    +5V 5.053

    +3.3V 3.344

    I changed my ANTEC 550w to a tagan 480W been running it for a wile now rails seem more stable with this tagan.

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    My thermaltake rails all seem fine, except for the 12V lines which are.

    11.78 to 11.97 for +12V according to my DFI Bios
    -11.70 to 11.92 for the -12v

    This is running A XP-m at 2200mhz using 1.60v two cd/dvd drives, a SATA and a PATA HD, currently two case fans and a HS BLOWER, and a GF2 Ultra.
    I haven't had any problems with this PS other than the 12v lines and the it needs to be modded to have shorter cords as well as sleeved cords
    Big changes coming: Intel e4300, DFI Blood iron, Crucial DDR2-8500, ATI x859xt, MCW-6002>Ehiem 1250>Bip3 with 3 nidec beta Vs, Sunbeam Zorro, Corsair 650 watter
    Stuff I should be using but don't: Finally got around to running that stuff.

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