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    7N400-L and no video on boot

    Just picked up a GA-7N400-L. Using Athlon 2600+ and Kingson 512MB 333 DDR memory. I've tried two graphics cards (not a once) - a PCI eVGA eGeForce-4 MX 440SE and a AGP TNT M64 (don't recall the brand). When I boot, I get all fans on, a beep, the lights on the CD & zip drives and nothing on the monitor. I have the disk on IDE 1 and the CD/Zip on IDE 2. I also set the CLK_SW to on.

    I tried unplugging the CD/Zip - no change. I'm stumped - any ideas?

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    Is the TNT card AGP2X? If it is then the board won't support it. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? Did you make sure the clock_ratio switch is set to auto? Did you double/triple check the connector/power lines to you monitor?

    At least a place to start.

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