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    shipping materials and how to?

    I have to ship a sub back to klipsch for repairs. Ive never shipped anything before and was wondering where I could get some shipping materials like a box and some bubble wrap for free or cheap? Im going to ship fed ex. SHould bubble wrap and a box be enough to ship a sub? I wasnt sure where do post this. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    The original packaging would be perfect but your post suggests that you no longer have that. Bubble wrap is not that expensive. A Uhaul or shipping company should have some. I get it by the bag full at work unwrapping conponents from vendors (manufacturing). You might have a source like this near you as well. The box should be very stiff due to the subs weight. It might bust out of a weak box. Balled up newspapaer works too if you're careful to use it right.
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