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    AMD 64's and multi's...

    sorry if this has been asked bunches of times...but i wanna know if the multi is locked.... i thought they were but it seems that ppl have been showing results on multi's that dont go with the approprite cpu./..

    is there a differance in teh 754 and 939?

    can a 2800+ do 10? or more?

    i dont understand... haha fill me in haha

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    the A64's have a locked multi for going up but you can go down. The reason for that is because of the Cool n Quiet Tech. If you enable it, during idle the cpu will go to 800mhz and lower the voltage to run silent and cool. Thats why the multi is unlocked going down.

    The Athlon FX's are fully unlocked but thier expensive.

    The S754 is Single channle DDR, the S939 is Duel channle DDR. Not like the duel channle on the AXPS' where you gain 100 points in sandra.

    This duel channle actually doubles the memory bandwidth. The bandwidth increase as for right now doesnt help much over single channle performance wise tho.

    For the 10 Multi youre ganna have to buy the 3000+ Newcastle. Or the 3200+ Clawhammer

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    man that adata **** is some amazing memory... its cheap and it appears to run FAST! not in timings but can hit high mhz
    where did u get that? they have pc4000 at newegg... i really wanna get that memory with my a64 if i get one...

    i appreciate the help... at least a 10 multi seems to be good... i dont think ill get a clawhammer... tahtas a good deal more amount of money.... do u think its worth it to have 1mb cache?

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