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Thread: Barton 2500+

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    Barton 2500+ Temperatures

    Was wondering if my temperatures I was getting were relatively OK.

    For the CPU I get around 47-48 idle and around 50-51 under load.
    For the System I get around 37-38 and 39-40.

    Its stable, but I do get some random reboots like 1 every 2 or 3 days, but Im not sure its because of the temperatures or because of an error.

    Are these temps too high ?

    Is there an easy way to lower them a bit ?

    Right now I have stock cooling. (Standard HSF + grey sqaure of thermal paste) I have two 80mm fans exhausting the aire out of the case and a 120mm fan for my PSU.

    I also heard that Gigabyte could be way off for the temp readings.
    I have F4 BIOS for my mobo.

    Btw nothing is oc'ed in my comp except my video card.

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    Seems fine to me but I would make sure your reading the temps correctly because the reboots don't sound too good. Reboots could be a lot of problems other then heat though so you're probably fine.

    My 2500 @ Stock speeds with stock heatsink and Artic Silver 5 right now is 44C Idle and 29C Case/Ambient Temps.

    I do have a Side Intake fan blowing over the CPU though so it would probably go up to about 48C idle if I took that off.

    Oh yeah if you wanted to try a different program for reading your tempatures download Motherboard Monitor 5. Google search should get you their website.

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    the first thing you need to do is remove the heatsink, scrape off the thermal pad, clean the heatsink and core off with denatured acohol, and reattach the heatsink with some good thermal compound like Arctic Silver Ceramique or AS3/AS5.

    What is your room temp? Your board temp looks a bit high- mine is 23C right now- you can decrease you case temps further by installing inlet fans at the front of your case, blowing in- this will help drop all of your temps.

    If you really want to drop your cpu temps, I'd recommend a new cpu HSF- SCV has the Thermalright SLK-900a heatsink on sale right now for $19.99, a GREAT deal- then all you need to do is find a good 92mm fan to go on top.

    Here's the link to SVC -
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    Your temps seem a little high. My 2500+ gets 33c Idle and 43 load. But with that stock HS, there's not much you can expect from it. So those temps are about right.

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    NF7's under report temps by about 10 degrees (or so), so that lines you two up pretty nicely

    Dont worry too much, my 2500+ at 2.3ghz with 1.8vcore was hitting 60 with my volcano 11+ at times.

    Run prime95 and see how hot it gets, and if it errors. If your cpu is causing the restarts, then prime will error within the first hour or two.

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    About the System Temp, someone told me it was to high... but its not the ambient temperature, it is the temp of my kt600 chipset (I think) and since there is just a small passive heatsink, is the system temp still seems too high ??

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    i wouldn't worry too much... my chip has gone to 78C (once - forgot to plug in CPU HS fan ) w/o any ill-effects, long-term or otherwise (and i personally didn't get a reboot).

    as many mentioned, be skeptical of any temps you are getting from a mobo - research and find out exactly where the temperature diode sits relative to the CPU die, and value its readings from there

    reboots can be lots of things, but typically my first suspect would be a high FSB (if you aren't getting any other indication of the cause)... are you getting a freeze on your screen before the reboot, BTW?

    a random reboot once every few days isn't acceptable IMHO... even if you only play games
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    IMO your case is a little warm, apart from that your fine.

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    Myself I am noticing "high" temps on my cpu. idle about 52-54 and high tolerance at about 60+.
    Will try Motherboard Monitor 5 to see if this is correct tho since I have had no reboots or bluescreens or errors.

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    Been running Prime95, still no errors yet.

    But CPU hits 56-57, my 5V rail is hitting 4.75V and VCoreA seems a lil unstable going from 1.62 to 1.66 (defualt is 1.644)

    and... 12V rail is going from 12.2V to 12.42V which is pretty high no ?

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