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    Question p4c800-e bios question

    In the bios advanced menu under dram frequency my choices are 266, 333, 400, and auto. How does this translate when I start uping the fsb?? I am used to using an abit board where you choose between 1:1, 4:5, and 2:3. What does "auto" mean?? is that 1:1?? do 266, 333, and 400 lock the ram at that spead no matter what the fsb is at?? I'm confused

    So far I have been pleased with my results in overclocking. In general I like this board much better than my abit board that died on me for no reason. I have not flashed the bios at all. Should I? I am usualy a subscriber to the theory of if it ain't broke don't try to fix it, and as I said thus far I'm pleased with my results. Is there anything I can realy benafit from by switching to a newer bios?

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    266 = 2:3, 333 = 4/5, 400 = 1/1

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    Thanks -- that makes alot more sence.

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    actually, thats 3:2 & 5:4 ratio, not 2:3 & 4:5 2:3 & 4:5 is for msi i think hehehe

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    new bioses only carry imporovement for presscot core, I really like bios 16, the bios 17 caused some issues in my system so I downgrade to 16 which works like 15, so if you have either 15 or 16 don't upgrade, and if you have other bios and your happy don't uprgade either.

    for the ratios auto option will automatically pick the ratio that it thinks is the best but sometimes isn't or will incorrectly read memory rated speed
    ratios here goes
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    260mhz 3:2
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