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    In search of new PSU

    I'm upgrading my system. Right now I just have the stock 300w Orion PSU now.

    Here's the entire system I intend on running when complete. I'll be upping the voltage on the CPU and RAM to try and maximize my OC...

    Abit NF7-S
    XP-M 2500+ Running at 240x10 or so depending on how it goes.
    2x256mb RAM
    Radeon 9800pro OC to 9800XT
    60gig Seagate HD
    2 additional vantec stealth fans
    1 vantec stealth fan on HSF.

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    Hmm... it appears you haven't been reading the PSU threads here. But I'll take a guess that you will end up buying a Fortron after this is over.

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    get an antec. they are reliable as the day is long. i got a 350watt(on a xp2400+) and a 450 watt(check sig ), never had a problem...they give nice steady voltage

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    i hear great things about enermax but that was long ago. how are they nowadays.

    woooo hoooo got my fourth star
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    Intel Core I7-3960X 6 Core CPU @ 4.5Ghz
    Corsair H80 CPU cooler
    Intel DX79SI motherboard
    32GB Crucial DDR-III 1600Mhz
    2x Seagate 240GB SATA SSD Drive RAID 0
    2x EVGA GTX 1080 SLI
    Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250w PSU
    Thermaltake Armor Chassis
    LG Blu-Ray + Sony DVD-RW

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