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    Modified Lian Li PC75

    I don't know that much about cooling and that sort of thing. I'm building a new computer and am getting a Lian Li PC75B. I found this :

    I had to change my pants afterwards... I mean, that's just gorgeous. My question is, how quiet will those fans be? With that many?

    I want a nice looking case and a quiet one as well (who doesn't). I just have no idea about the kind of db levels that that amount of fans will give off.

    (I plan on going watercooling in December or so, and am wondering also if that may be overkill... that many fans + water, any advice regarding that?)

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    You might want to look at a case with 120mm fan slots instead (especially if you're after quiet), so maybe the new lian-li range are more ideal.

    Saying that, my Lian-Li PC71 has done me well, and the main reason I bought it originally was for the extra room at the top of the case for watercooling (still not got round to it though ), but 120mm vs 80mm fans is a big advantage for the new range, even if the PC7x look better

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    That certainly would get the air moving!

    I have done the top window mod using a smaller window because I opted for heavy duty case handles instead of a 2 or 3 fan window.

    As bigfish suggested, you would probably want to go with 120mm fans if you could, to keep the noise down and the cfms up. I had to find a special retailer to provide me with the exact window in the dimensions I was looking for, so it was a trial.

    I would say find a case you truely like, and mod it from the ground up. I think you'll be a lot happier with it.

    But hey, you're right - that is a nice case! Prebuilts are ok, but modding - it's the only way!
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    Hehe, I have neither the tools nor knowledge (or confidence) to mod a case (especially a Lian Li) myself. I don't know if I'd spend that much on a case... but it's just gorgeous

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