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    NewB Question

    Sorry for the dumb questions, but I'm having some trouble setting up my new system:

    NF7-S rev. 2.0
    XPM 2600+ w/ SLK-900A and 92mm Tornado (dang it's loud!)
    ocz EB PC3500 memory (2X256)
    9800 pro w/ arctic cooling VGA silencer and OCZ copper ram sinks
    Thermaltake 480W PS
    WD 80gig SATA drives (trying to do a Raid 0 setup)

    The processor is not identified in bios and I can't install Win XP pro. For some reason, I can never hit F6 when it asks me to setup RAID. Do I have a bad CPU? Any help for a lowly beginning OC'er is greatly appreciated and will be returned when I reach (hopefully) the Nirvana you'all have attained. Thanks,


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    Nothing wrong with your cpu..... if your system starts and you can get into bios then you're fine..... nf7 doesn't identify mobiles yet.... maybe in the future..... keep you're finger on the button to get the F6..... focus and concentrate....

    welcome to the forums!!!!!
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    When it asks you to hit F6, you hit it and then you have to wait. Windows will load all the other drivers, and THEN prompt you for your RAID drivers.
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