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    Another Newbie with yet another help me help me question

    LOL ok so its not soo much a *HELP ME* *HELP ME*, more a "Whats your opinion" question.

    Umm around last week I made a post about OC settings, and got some good repsonses and I thank all those who helped me again. One member also suggested to post my system specs, to assist in the process of trouble shooting, which I am happy to say, I will provide in this post.

    I currently have upgraded my whole PC, EXCEPT FOR, the CPU. I am still running my original 1.5ghz P4 that I got a while ago with the system. And since I spent most of my cash money for now on other upgrades, I am going to try and stay with my ol' 1.5 and see If I cant squeeze some more juice out of it.

    So my question is, what is your guys's likely opinions on max OC cpu speeds can I shoot for based on this system configuration;

    - RAIDMAX 'Scorpio' PC Case
    - EverCool WC-201 AGP/CPU Water Cooling unit
    - Artic Silver heat sink paste
    - MSI 845E Max mobo
    - 1.0 GB PC3200 DDR "ShikaRAM" memory
    - Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1500mhz
    - ATI Radeon 9600 128mb
    - Maxtor 80GB HDD
    - LG 4x 4040B DVD-Writer
    - DVDROM 10x
    - C-Media CMI8738 Audio Card
    - Linksys NC100 Ethernet card
    - Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2)
    (Also 3 system fans, one side wall mounted, out two on the rear of the case)

    Some also told me to post as much info I could find out about my CPU in general. So I booted up the newest version of "Aida32" and this is what I got;

    CPU Type: Intel P4, 1500Mhz (3.75x400)
    CPU Alias: P68, Willamette, A80528
    CPU Stepping: C1
    Orig. Clock Speed: 1500Mhz
    L1 Trace Cache: 12k instructions
    L1 Cache: 8 kb
    L2 Cache: 256 kb (in-die, ATE, Full-Speed)

    So yah, all I know that under my old system set up, 512MB ram no water cooler and a Nvidia TNTmodel 64 32mb card, I could stabily run at 1.8 Ghz. I didnt want to try for any more. But since I've upgraded considerablly over the week, I'm assuming/hoping I'll be able to pull the speed up.

    So yah, what should I look at for a setting a MAX goal I suppose?

    I appreciate ANY help, and give thanx here in advance.

    BTW: Mobo BIOS is up to date from MSI)

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    i'd say you are lucky to have gotten 1.8 outta it.

    willies are not the best oc'ers, actually they are kinda sad.

    i've had 2 of them, a 1.8 that i had at 2.2, and a 2.0 that ran 2.4 everyday for 3 years (still is in a friends pc).

    most willies won't do 2.0+. especially not ones that start out at 1.5ghz stock.

    to really get a good oc, you are looking at a new chip. your mobo doesn't support 800fsb cpus, like a 2.4c (see my sig for a decent 2.4c OC), but you could get a really nice 2.0ghz northwood and have a look at 3.2+.
    i7 970 @ 4.2ghz - 1.275v
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    Yeah, I'm afraid those 1.5 Willies don't O/C that much. Probably about 1.7 gig on average, but that's better than nuttin'. I know where you can get a second hand 2.4B CPU really cheap. If you're interested, PM me.
    2600K, Asus P8P67 Deluxe, 2X2GB G.Skill Pi PC3-2133, PC & Cooling 750W
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    Yah I had been reading on here that willies were poop, but atleast for a week till I get paid again (the benefit of 2 jobs ='s pay each week) im short on funds. And dont even know if I wanna spend more money on my pc. But then again, I dont want to keep running below 2.0.
    The manual for the mobo says it can handle a P4 from 1.5 - 2.4. It then continues to say, I can use a faster P4, but those above 2.4 clock speed were never tested and are not gauranteed to work lol

    So yah, batboy ill send u a pm here in a sec. I could defenetly use a "decent" processor, for a "decent" price lol :P

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