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    My rails good enough for an OC??

    I am waiting for my watercooling system to come in the mail. ATM my rails are 3.3@3.26, +5.0@5.0, +12@11.92, -12@0.00, -5@0.00

    These are during max load. I use MBM to monitor them which i know isn't 100% accurate. But pretty much are these rails good enough to get me atleast a 3.6-3.8ghz OC?? Using an Antec True430w PSU w/duel fans.
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    I'm fairly confident that you would be fine with that setup on air cooling, but since I have no clue how much power the water pump will draw, I couldn't tell you how well it will go. Try it and find out
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    MBM5 reads my +12v line at 11.68v right now. my multimeter plugged into a spare molex connector reads 12.07v, you really cant trust software monitoring. but you should be okay

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