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    Question socket 940 and 939?

    hi guys, ive been looking for a fx-53 chip and ive noticed theres 2 diff ones out there
    one is socket 940 and the other is 939
    i was wondering what is the difference?

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    I would go for the 939 just because the 940 is a dead socket and there isnt much if any of a performance difference. Plus you wont have to buy ecc registered ram if you go for 939.

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    I wouldn't say that s940 is a dead socket, but it will require a ECC RAM that is more expensive, a bit slower and probably less overclockable. The s939 is the way to go when going with an FX
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    939 since not only u don't need registered memory but also better chipsets.

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    Socket 940 is geared toward servers.
    Socket 939 toward desktop use.

    Socket 940 FX's are nothing but 1xx Opterons.

    You want Socket 939 for everyday use.

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