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    Homenetwork "slows down" and just stops


    I have a home network set up, just simply two computers with a crossed UTPcable, one of them connected to internet using a second networkcard.
    This works fine. Except...

    When I copy files from one to another, after some seconds it slows down, after some more seconds the network just seems to "lock up" or something.
    Tryed to ping the other computer, but it just gives a time-out. Doesn't make a difference which way I'm going, from computer A to B or the other way around.
    After rebooting, it works again for some time, until I try to copy some more files.

    I tried installing Bulletproof FTP server and Client, but same problem here. After copying about 20MB, network gone.
    Rebooting again.

    I'm not sure which info I should give, ask anything needed.

    Thank you

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    Here are some things to try,,,,
    > change your NIC speed properties from auto to 100mb/full
    > see if there are any driver updates for your NIC's
    > Temporaraly turn off your AV (if you have any) on the target pc

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    Thanks, but that didn't help a bit I'm afraid... Could it be a bad cable? someone suggested that, but I don't see how the network could work in the beginning...

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    Not being able to ping is interesting. What OS do you have on the boxes, and how is IP addressing setup on the computer with 2 NICs?

    Assuming you have a Windows OS on the computer without the internet connection, you can try using "netstat -s" in a command prompt before, during and after a large copy to see what kind of errors crop up.

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    I don't know that much about networks, so I'm afraid I've let windows XP prof take care of must of those things. The nic for internet get's it's ip automatically, the second one (used for the network) I gave, subnet, windows bridged those two in order to be able to share the internet-connection.
    The second pc (also xp prof) is assigned, subnet, gateway, primary dns I've done these settings.
    I'll try the netstat as soon as possible.

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