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    Question Question about thermal coumpound

    I was just wondering, i have had my heatsink with tartic silver 3 on since november (like like almost a year now) and i was wondering if you should put new compound on after awhile, i was thinking of getting a newer artic silver..

    does thermal coumpound last, or should it be "changed" avery now and then..--thats basically my question..

    plus what are some tips on putting it on right..

    im using a barton 2500+ and a thermalright SLK900 with a ventec tornado 92mm fan..(loud..and ok i guess..i am usually around 115 degrees f (45 degrees Celcius)..

    is this to hott?

    i clean the dust..and even sfter i do, it still runs like that... i dont remember what the temps were when i first got it...dont tihnk they were that high..


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    45c at load is a perfectly good temperature

    i don't think you should worry about it

    i don't know whether changing it matters, but i don't think it does, as i ran a comp on the same as5 for about half a year with barely any change in temps

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    It would be wise to change your thermal compound every 6 months or so to keeps your temps down especially if your overclocking..
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    I wouldnt worry about how long its been on.

    The arctic silver website has a excellent guide for applying the paste.

    Are those load temps? If those are Idle temps you might want to try re-mounting the HSF using the tips you find on the AS website.

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    I have had mine on for 9 months and I have seen about 1░C diff in idle temps... so basically negliable. Using AS5.
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    There should be no breakdown of AS3's thermal transfer efficiency over a given period of time, even if it appears to "dry out." That said, as part of a regular block reseating regimen common to most OCer's, it couldn't hurt.

    Get a vial of AS5 and reapply. You can either use the rice grain size dollop on center of die method, or what I prefer is using a credit card. Put some AS5 on one end of the die and use the card to smooth a thin smear of it across the entire die. Generally yields a very even thin coating, whereas with the rice method you just sort of assume block pressure will squish it over the entire die surface.

    Good luck

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    A lot of people are under the impression the thermal paste is breaking down when the temps start to rise. As heatsinks are becoming bigger and the fins are becoming denser with thin fins, dust and gunk in the fins is usually always the reason the temps are increasing.

    Cleaning the heatsink with some compressed air is what the doctor ordered

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    totally agree with SSS
    i vacuum my radiator twice a month
    make sure u use the small adapters for vacuums though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korndog
    totally agree with SSS
    i vacuum my radiator twice a month
    make sure u use the small adapters for vacuums though
    Same here.
    I blow mine out with air compressor every few weeks.

    Even if you cannot see an obvious dust buildup it may
    have a thin layer of fine dust coating the fins.

    Clean that puppy off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophisticated
    It would be wise to change your thermal compound every 6 months or so to keeps your temps down especially if your overclocking..
    Changing thermal compound doesn't effect temps at all to be honest.

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    i just got home from school and the temp was 115 (to 117)F... (with all fans at lowest setting)... if i play a game....i dont think it will hardly ever go up past 120... so its goof with the bgames.. but i think my temps might be inacurtate...

    seems that way to me... i mean wven with the friggen 92mm tornado at high (VERY LOUD) (this is like 110 CFM) it is pretty much the same temp
    maybe down 2 or 4 degrees at most)

    i do think i willl cleam my heatsink and get ac5 and put it on not shure if i did it was my first time using it...

    also another note to add..

    i originally had my comp overclocked to 3200+ (from 2500+) and it ran fine..and pretty much the same temps...maybe 2 or 4 degrees most, and a month agoe my system crashed and i had to reinstall windows and now my processor wont go up past 2600+ without giving me a blue screen when going into windows..

    i dunno if there might be a reason..

    im using a gigabyte 7nnxp and kingston hyperex 512*2 (dual channel) 3500 (maybe 3700..not shure at this moment..)

    thank you for all your replies./.best forum i have ever been on...
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    i dont have A/C yet so my room temps (in the summer...its fall now..but my rookm temps are prolly in the 60's or 70's possibly 80's at times..but for the most part 70's...that could probubly have a big affect as well right?

    my videocard temps have also been higher then normal.. i have a hainward nvidia geforce FX 5900 and the idle temps arr about 47C and when i play games it sometimes reaches to 60..but when im done playing it quickly jumps back down to the 50's..then slowly into the 40's...depending on room temp

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