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    New BIOS available for 8KDA3+/J 9/10/03 and 9/15/04

    EDIT: The BIOS' are 9/10/04 and 9/15/04 despite my typos in the thread title

    They are available on Magic BIOS, but not on any Epox websites yet. No idea as to what they change, because they don't actually fix anything, as far as I can tell.

    The VCore issue was still there despite overwriting the boot sector, but I have cleared CMOS and removed the battery and it's now reporting 1.544-1.648 pretty solid in CPU-Z. I don't trust USDM whatsoever. We'll see...

    Perhaps if some of us flash we can get an idea as to if they are supposed to help or not.

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    I tried downloading it with MagicBIOS, but it kept stopping part way through the download. I decided to not bother with it until I can download it manually and flash it the old fasion way.

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    I downloaded it last night and found that I could reach higher o/c's with the default Vcore and memory timings than previous bios versions. I also like that I can disable SATA detection at post since I use the IDE controllers.

    I also modded the bios to make 1.75v and 1.80v selectable.

    I used Tmod's biosmod then modbin in a dos mod to make 1.75 and 1.80v selectable... file's here if you want to try...

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